Breast Cancer Awareness Event

Last week Lord Mayor Robert Doyle, organised a very grand fund raising event for breast cancer awareness, as he is the ambassador for Field of Women, a non-profitable charity. The event was planned for a Saturday so as to confirm maximum attendance. Details of the event were provided via social networking and broadcasting media to the general public. Apart from the family and friends of the women who suffer from breast cancer, several celebrities and notable personalities also attended the event. There were guests from every walks of life. One such notable person was Tran Siu, a former Brimbank Councillor and also the Asian Youth icon award winner. It was an international themed fundraising event. Music, food, beverages and souvenirs from around 20 different countries were organised to engage the guests. It was evening filled […]

Happy! Sad! Angry! Ecstatic! How I cope with my bipolar disorder

It’s not easy to have a bipolar disorder. This disorder is characterized by extreme mood swings, such that an individual suffering from it experiences alternating episodes of highly volatile emotional highs and lows.  It takes a great deal of patience to deal with somebody who is suffering from this disorder, but it is takes a greater deal when you are the one who has it. When mine attacks, nobody would like to deal with me. It’s like I only have me to understand and take care of myself. In men and children there are different types of bipolar symptoms including dramatic and unpredictable mood swings. I try to understand it when my family and friends try to avoid me during my manic or depressive periods. People with bipolar disorder are truly and undeniably one of […]